How does it work?


Add photos of clothes to your virtual wardrobe or download them from store links


The AI will cut out items along their contours, remove background and unnecessary objects from images


The added items will be available in your virtual wardrobe at any time


Use the added garments to create outfits and to help you when shopping

67% of women forgot at least once what they have in their wardrobes and bought similar clothes

Wardrobe Expert stores all garments you add. Doubt if you have a similar T-shirt? Opening your wardrobe and filtering out all the white t-shirts takes you just 10 seconds. The result is that you save money by not buying something you already have.

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84% of people have difficulties in choosing the correct sizes of garments produced in other countries, incl. online shopping

Wardrobe Expert will tell you how your usual S or M correlates with the national sizes of other countries for all categories of clothing, footwear and accessories.

In 4 cases out of 10 during shopping people doubt whether new clothes will fit the existing ones in their wardrobe

With Wardrobe Expert, you no longer need to remember what clothes you have in your offline wardrobe and how they look! Just open the wardrobe in the app and find out for sure.


At least half of people think over their outfit and choose what to wear tomorrow

Wardrobe Expert allows you to create stylish outfits from your wardrobe items. Independently or using our own recommendation system that considers dozens of parameters.


Wardrobe Expert is:

17 335
97 368
items added
5 928
outfits created

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