How does it work?


Open the mannequin, choose the style and the minimum number of colors for the future look


Add items and place them on the mannequin, if you wish, complete the outfit with pre-installed accessories


Find out the recommendations of the neural network on the compatibility of look items based on your body shape, style, color palette, etc.


Save the outfit or return to editing it later

83% of people cannot pick up clothes for the day the first time and have to change clothes

Wardrobe Expert makes it possible to compose and save in advance only successful outfits and not puzzle over what to wear tomorrow.

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79% of people find it difficult to find a way of weaknesses neutralization and use the strengths of their body shape

Wardrobe Expert allows you to use the recommendations of the neural network, which considers your personal parameters and style nuances of the wardrobe during looks composing.

Upon receiving an invitation to a party, the first thing every woman thinks about is what to wear

Start thinking about the look without opening the closet even if you are not at home. Pick up clothes, shoes and accessories. If something isn’t enough, find out about it in advance to have time to prepare.


Most of the few services for creating looks offer for this purpose clothes, that users don’t have and probably will never have in their wardrobes

Wardrobe Expert lets you create stylish looks from your wardrobe or the clothes you are planning to buy. Not only from clothes from a limited number of expensive stores.


Wardrobe Expert is:

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