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Find out which of your contacts use Wardrobe Expert


Follow people whose style you like


Get followers and share photos of clothes and fashionable outfits with them


Collect likes and comments, like yourself other people's clothes and outfits

80% of people are interested in following their phone book contacts on social networks

Wardrobe Expert will tell you which of your phone book contacts is already using the service and will provide links to their profiles. Subscribe to those who just like you care about their style or send invitations to join the service to those who aren’t with us yet.

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76% of people admit, that they have friends whose style they like

In Wardrobe Expert follow your friends or complete strangers whose style you like. See what clothes they have in their wardrobes, how they combine them and also get notifications about new clothes and looks.


8 out of 10 people aren’t ready to make their social media profiles public

Wardrobe Expert shares the values of its users and allows them to set the boundaries of their personal space. Choose whether to make your profile open to everyone, open only to followers, or completely private (available for viewing only to you and inaccessible to anyone for searching).

100% of people are pleased to receive approvals and compliments

And getting them in relation to items of your wardrobe from like-minded people in matters of fashion and style is even more pleasant. In Wardrobe Expert you can like and comment on other users' clothes, as well as get likes and comments on your garments and looks. You can turn off comments in the settings at any time.

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